Vijay Balhara

Art gives form to that which is formless.Originating as an emotion in the heart of its creator.
In my career as a Fashion Designer, I have found inspiration in varied mediums of expression like mainstream fashion, cinema, fine arts, music, architecture, photography and traditional Indian handicrafts.
Art is a vast field.One person’s art might be another person’s abstract and vice versa.Just like in nature various beautiful, bizarre and mystical forms synchronize in perfect symmetry, like wise different forms of arts converge at some point to create one big picture, a summation of how we experience life.
Landscapes, Historical Cities, Architecture, Snowfall, CherryBlossoms, Woman’s Beauty, Human Emotions, all provide the fascinating inspirations, fantasy and drama for creation of arts.
To spot extraordinary in ordinary is a blessing for any creator of arts.

New Delhi based Company VJB Designs Pvt Ltd was established in 2009.Vijay Balhara launched his Label in March 2010 at India Fashion Week,Mumbai followed by Elle Style Award for the Best Design Debut. Label has been stocked at reputed Indian High Fashion Stores like Ensemble, Carma and Ogaan.His collections have also been stocked at Multi Designer stores in Kuwait, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.


His Designing style is largely defined as the Neo-Traditional interpretation of timeless classics in handcrafted textiles, consistently using inspirations from Indian rural aristocratic dressing and craftsmanship.Focus is on modern basics and contemporary silhouettes with a subtle pop of drama brought by special hand printed textiles and hand embroidery techniques.Collections are fabricated in Pure Silks, Handloom and Organic Cottons, Linen,Chanderi.
2016 onwards company is focussed on designing of handcrafted handloom sarees. Produced under the concurrent theme “Borala”, these sarees are made in handloom textile like handwoven chanderi, silk and cotton, characteristically embellished in modern classic prints using traditional technique of handblock printing.